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Holliday junction animation

A Holliday junction is a branched nucleic acid structure that contains four double- stranded arms joined together. These arms may adopt one of several conformations depending on buffer salt concentrations and the sequence of nucleobases closest to the junction. The structure is named after the molecular biologist Robin. nicks. Then the strands from one side of the nicks invade the homologous. chromosomes, basepairing with complementary strands. The invading strands are next covalently linked to the original. strands at the nick site, forming what is called a Holliday junction. Holliday junction. The Holliday junction migrates away from the. The Holliday Model. for Recombination. The Holliday Model is a schematic. model which predicts the results of. the recombination of two duplex DNAs. This animation illustrates how to. draw Holliday junctions and how to. use Holliday models. credits & copyright. Interactive Molecular Biology. Multimedia Design by.

Start animation. RuvB. RuvA. 3'. 5'. Ligase. Description: enzyme. Functions: DNA repair. Ligase seals short one-stranded. breaks in double-stranded DNA. the Holliday junction. Description: ringlike hexameric protein. Function: molecular pump. Two RuvB hexamers bind to opposite. sides of the RuvA-Holliday complex . Click to play FLASH animation. All Animations were created by Justin H. Lo. Animations published in DNA Repair, Copyright © Helleday T, Lo J, van Gent DC, Engelward BP. DNA double-strand break repair: From mechanistic understanding to cancer treatment. DNA Repair. (14 Mar ). Bevin P. Engelward, Sc.D.


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