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Expired or invalid

Jan 26, Session expired or invalid immediately after successful OAuth login. Hey everyone,. I'm working on an application, and I got the OAuth2 workflow working right away, but I've been struggling with making requests afterward. I get the access_token and instance_url back, and when I make a call like this. May 5, Hi! I'm using your gem with omniauth-salesforce for some of my clients but it's often happening together these errors: Restforce::UnauthorizedError: INVALID_SESSION_ID: Session expired or invalid; Restforce:: AuthenticationError: invalid_grant: inactive user. I already worked on invalid_session_id error. Jan 27, They can successfully authenticate and grant my app the token and refreshtoken, however after a period of time the session expires with the following message: Restforce::UnauthorizedError: INVALID_SESSION_ID: Session expired or invalid . What am I doing wrong? Should I be requesting a new token.

May 26, Issue Description: When you visit , and choose the " Change Password" option, you will be prompted for your PingOne administrator email address. This will issue an email with a link to reset your PingOne Password. In some cases when you follow this link, PingOne will display an. Escaping the Session ID or Using Single Quotes on Mac and Linux Systems When running the cURL examples for the REST resources, you may get an error on Mac and Linux systems due to the presence of the exclamation mark special character in the session ID argument. To avoid getting this error. Jul 26, ERROR MESSAGE. This article lists the reasons for receiving the "Your Salesforce session has expired or the Salesforce API Servers are offline. INVALID SESSION ID or SERVER URL (Release 7, Release 8)".

[{"message":"Session expired or invalid","errorCode":"INVALID_SESSION_ID"}]. I have a developer salesforce account and have API enabled true for every profile, except for the "Authenticated website" profile(which is not accessible). Please, can anybody help me with this? I'm authenticating the user with. If you have the OAuth policy, the error message should tell you whether the access token is invalid or expired: Verify OAuth. Verifying your email address improves the security of your Uplay account and enables you to receive newsletters and other special offers. Resend verification email." The message that is continuously output. So I spent the Verify-mail to my email. But "Verify Email link is invalid or has expired!" Only that.


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