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26 Jun Full-Text Paper (PDF): Stromboli – the best place to actively learn and understand the behavior of an active volcano and its processes. 11 Apr Stromboli, the northernmost island of the Aeolian archipelago, is known for its persistent volcanic activity over the last several centuries and for its cone which, on clear days, is surmounted by a gas plume rising from its summit. The island hosts two settled areas: the village of Stromboli (c. inhabitants) to. The exact mechanism behind Strombolian volcanic eruptions is unknown to the present day. Therefore, despite numerous in a Strombolian eruption is the expansion velocity of the gas bubble that is driving it, as well as the velocity of ejected Zobin, V., G. Reyes.

3 Jul Abstract In this work, we integrate artificial and natural seismic sources data to obtain high-resolution images of the shallow inner structure of Stromboli Volcano. Overall, we used a total of 21, P readings from an active seismic experiment and an additional P and S readings deriving from The shallow plumbing system of Stromboli Island as imaged from 1 Hz instantaneous GPS positions. Mario Mattia,1 Massimo Rossi,1 Francesco Guglielmino,1 Marco Aloisi,1 and Yehuda Bock2. Received 17 August ; revised 5 November ; accepted 29 November ; published 24 December Abstract. Stromboli is one of the most active volcanoes in the Aeolian island arc in south Tyrrhenian sea, Italy. In the last years the most relevant volcanic eruptions have been accompanied by local tsunamis, that have caused damage and casualties. In some cases the direct mechanism of local tsunami generation is.

A model is proposed to explain temporal patterns of activity in a class of periodically exploding Strombolian- type andesite volcanoes. These patterns include major events (explosions) which occur every 3^30 min and subsequent tremor with a typical period of 1 s. This two-periodic activity is thought to be caused by two. Abstract The properties of the tremor wave field at Stromboli are analyzed using data from small-aperture arrays of short-period seismometers deployed on the north flank of the volcano. The seismometers are configured in two semi-circular arrays with radii of 60 and m and a linear array with length of m. The data. Quaternary volcanic rocks of Stromboli (Italy) can be divided into older calc- alkaline and younger shoshonitic series. The SiO 2 contents of the rocks range from 50% to 61% but the majority of them are basalts. The rocks show systematic variations in chemical composition which correlate with the volcanic stratigraphy, such.


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