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#mcr#my chemical romance#my chem#lyrics#revenge#three cheers#edit#mine# this is kinda odd but i also kinda like it so meh · 1, notes. vivafrnkiero. #my chemical frank#frank iero and the patience#frank iero#my chemical romance# revenge · 1, notes · hellbentiero · #lyrics#sam stuff#mcr#art#revenge# revenge. Find and follow posts tagged revenge quotes on Tumblr. Find and follow posts tagged revenge abc on Tumblr.

Find and follow posts tagged revenge stories on Tumblr. Jul 11, Tumblr has released account information for close to anonymous users to a revenge porn victim in what online privacy advocates say is a major violation of. Petty Revenge: The Internet`s best petty revenge stories and petty revenge ideas are here.

Day 11 (10/9): Favorite subject. My favorite subject is anatomy! I love learning about all the different components that go into making the body function as we know it. A follow-up favorite subject is physiology since it is basically the study of the function of these anatomical components. Book: Anatomical Atlas (Maud Jepson). May 13, We've all wanted to get revenge — no matter how small the crime, those wrong- doers must PAY! Sadly, the original Tumblr dedicated to vengeance has been deleted, but the most petty of stories lives in in reblogs. So if a dude steals your parking spot, call a tow truck company and tow his car. If a customer. My Chemical Romance during their Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge era.


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