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Psp2psx icon pack

Download PSX2PSP Eboot icon and background pack • PSX2PSP @ The Iso Zone • The Ultimate Retro Gaming Resource. 21 Aug I'm having a heck of a time finding icons and images to use for the eboots that I make. It seems the only websites and databases that were made are long defunct . Does anybody know of a good source to either get some individually or just a a massive package of them? Or does anybody have a collection. 31 Dec I had a harddrive crash, I had psx2psp folder that had the pictures so when you selected your iso the pictures loaded up right away. I was wondering if anyone else has this. If so could you upload it for me thank you. If not can you point me somewhere to look for it.

+ PSX Icon Pack (version 2)! [NEW and MORE then last time!] INFO: Now you can have all the cool icons for your PSX games on your PSP! This. 17 Jul Is there one website with a collection of custom icons for homebrew and ps1 games? I searched on google and found You'll also find that most games never even had a pack made for them that you can no longer find. Your best bet is to go out of . will do for editing eboots. For example PSX2PSP 1 Jan ZX Spectrum · Firmwares · Game-Addon-Packs · Hacks and Exploits · Homebrew Applications · General Apps · Media Apps · Organization Apps · Wi-Fi / IR Apps · Homebrew Games · Flash Games · General Games · LUA Games · Homebrew Packs · Magazines · Backgrounds · PSP Magazines · PC Tools.

13 Jun /batch Opens program in batch mode. "c:\" Opens c:\ Icon pack and design of icons courtesy of matriculated: (Original torrent by lh4l) If you download and extract files to ".\pics\pic1\" most games from USA will show the game cover as shown below. Megaupload. Custom Icons, Backgrounds, Sounds, Animated Icons, Manual (DDS) & more (XMB ICON - x) 3D BOX Covers Nintendo NES 3D Box Pack. Years ago, there was a site that had a ton of image packs that could be used with PSX2PSP. 3 Soundfiles, had animated icons, you name it.


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